Ronchi di Cialla Schioppettino 2015

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The Ronchi di Cialla family has been instrumental in saving this ancient, indigenous grape variety from Friuli, which nearly suffered extinction due to war and pestilence. 

From the importer:  Aromas of white pepper and small red fruits, currants and blackberries, intriguing balsamic and undergrowth (sous-bois) notes.

Flavorful, with fruity sensations, well-balanced minerality;  fragrant and well ripe tannin. Although a wine of good structure, it has a refined and almost silky balance; it is baroque, aristocratic, of great elegance and long life; full character and racy.

Pair with traditional dishes such as roasted white and red meat; meat with light sauces;   mushroom-based dishes, medium and hard crust cheeses.