Marguet Shaman 2018

  • $80.00

Ambonnay and Bouzy soils
Blend of 87% Pinot Noir and 13% Chardonnay

From the producer:

The estate team takes care of the old vines with an average age of 40 years.

They are located in Ambonnay with 7.30 hectares and Bouzy with 0.70 hectares.

The vineyard receives preparations in biodynamics, phytotherapy (maceration, infusion and decoction of medicinal plants) and aromatherapy (essential oils).

The movement of the juices is carried out mainly by gravity so as not to stress the wines.

Each locality, each cru, ferments individually in barrels.
At the estate we have been working the soil since 2010 using horses to contribute to the well-being of the land.

The horse is a unique link with the elements that make up our land such as the mineral (chalk), the plant (vines and endemic flora) and the animal (fauna and Man).