Romeo del Castello Etna Rosso Allegracore 2019

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The juiciest and most delicious wine from a Queen and a Princess.  We love you Chiara!!

(from the importer)

Allegracore roughly translates to "the place with the happy heart" and is actually the historical name of the property.

Each vintage, the label is altered slightly to highlight one of the seemingly infinite different patterns of wall paper in the Vigo's historic house.

"When we created Allegracore, we decided to dedicate the labels to the wallpapers in the main house of the estate. The idea was to enter the house and to describe the place where my mother's family lived during several centuries. The wallpaper sequence recreates the atmosphere of each room, but also gives to the wine taster a clue to discover the characteristics of the vintage.

Because we tried to match the flowers and/or the strips of the wallpaper with the wine's soul each vintage. We will continue in the future to use our own wallpapers for the Allegracore labels, but focusing on their details with an additional zoom."

Fermentation and maceration for 15 to 20 days in 5000l stainless steel vats. Twelve months aging in stainless steel vats. A minimal amount of S02 is added to the wine at bottling, the amount depends on the vintage.