Iuli Barat 2020

  • $40.00
This is a unique, interesting, crispy white from northern Italy, that will provide a terrific 'bridge' from winter into spring when we start craving white wines again. Iuli 'Barat' white is made of 100% Baratuciat, a nearly-extinct variety originally from the Val di Susa, west of Torino in the Italian Alps of Piedmont. In the area’s dialect, the name means ‘cat balls’, in reference to its oval-shaped berries. Made from organic vines planted in 2015, this 2018 is the winery's 1st release. Fermented naturally and spontaneously with very low sulfites and aged in concrete, look for licorice, tangerine oil, vanilla, hazelnut, lychee and spiced ripe pear flavors with a great texture, oily but clean crisp and delish. This is stunning. Reminds us of an excellent chalky Chenin in both fruit flavors and fresh acidity.