Altura Bianco Ansonaco del Giglio 2021 1.5L

  • $115.00

The Altura project is an homage to the island of Giglio and how it tranformed Francesco Carfagna's life. For those unfamiliar with Giglio it's a small island 10 miles off the coast of Tuscany and only accessible by water ferry. The island is small, mostly mountaneous and 90% covered in vegetation. While it densly populated in the summer, fewer than 600 people live there year round. Francesco Carfagna is one of them.

With a posse of friends and family, Francesco decided the time had come to bring back
Ansonaco the native grape that at one time covered this island. It's a variety of golden color with grapes of ovoidal shape. In Francesco and his daughter Irene's hands, it makes rich white wines bursting with the sea's umami.