Amaury Beaufort Le Jardinot Brut Nature (2018 Base)

  • $115.00

From the Importer: 

The more time we spend in Champagne, the more intrigued and involved we become with what is happening. On our most recent trip, we had quite the pleasant surprise. We were recommended to visit Amaury in Bar sur Seine in the Aube. In less than 24 hours of finding out about his project, we were importing his wines.

You may know the Beaufort name from the family domaine located in Ambonnay. Despite the lineage, Amaury didn't take over the estate, but rather picked up and moved to the Aube. If there is something of note that Amaury has taken with him, it's the dedication to the vineyards. They have been farming the vineyards without any chemicals since 1969.

Amaury has been working in wine since 2003 and his first vintage for Amaury Beaufort was 2018. He farms 1ha in Polisy called "Le Jardinot '' all by himself. This is important to Amaury as he wants to ensure he is doing the entire process from vineyard to bottle. Amaury think's 1ha is enough because he treats it as his own garden. Higher rolled canopies to allow for ripeness, maturity, and sugar levels. Canopies are dense, with more leaf content as Amaury feels this supports the roots in diving deeper into the soil for nutrients. All the wines are made without sulfur.