Ferdinando Principiano Barolo 'Ravera di Monforte' 2018

  • $95.00

The Ravera vines are not only old, 80 years, but some of the oldest surviving of Michet clone of Nebbiolo – considered by many as its finest. It was widely replaced with healthier and purer Lampia clones in the intervening years since this vineyard was planted, so most old vineyards tend to be Lampia. All new plantings for the estate are now massal selections from this vineyard. Vines lie across the hill, all farmed by hand and grass kept low by scythe to encourage biodiversity.It’s a stretch to call this the wild frontier but it is different from central Barolo where smooth hills are sculpted entirely out of vines. These were Ferdinando’s grandfather’s vines & the house where Ferdinando was born sits here in the valley. Look beyond and the brow of Cascina Francia watches over the curve of its sibling Boscareto.