Jupiter Wine Co. Vibration Sangiovese 2020

  • $28.00

Vinification: At the winery, half of the grapes were fully foot tread and added to the bottoms of the fermentation space.  The other half of the grapes were left whole bunch and put on top of the crushed fruit to begin their fermentation much later and slightly carbonic.  This technique greatly slows down the primary fermentation, so you get quite a bit of cold extraction on the front end.  Once fermentation really starts to rip, we jump in the bins and gently foot-tread  the fruit that was left whole.  This late release of sugar from the later tread grapes once again slows down the fermentation allowing more gentle extraction from the skins.  As soon as we perceive some chewy tannin we press the wine off skins, usually a day or two early and allow the fermemntation to finish off the skins in fiberglass.

100% whole bunch, foot-tread, feremented with wild yeats and native bacteria from the vineyard, with no sulphur added at any point of the winemaking process or elevage.  Bottled with no fining or filtration, and a small addition of less than 20 parts of sulphur right before bottling, zero parts free.

Notes: "Oodles of snappy/crunchy red and black cherry fruit, verve-y and lifted purple flowers, sweet earth, raw Ndjua, and a welcome high toned upper register that strolls pleasantly accross both nose and palate, leaving refreshment and a strong sense of moreishness in its wake..." -Man, Myth & Legend Tyler Kavanagh, Biondivino